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Tempo (PB)
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Tempo (PB)

Edited by Paolo Herkenoff

The concept of time has been discussed by philosphers through the ages. What is the nature of time? How does one depict time? These are questions that artists especially have struggled with, as time's ephemeral quality makes it especially difficult to represent. Tempo, one of the first exhibitions to be held at MoMA QNS, explored how artists represent and use perceptions of time. Published in conjunction with the exhibition, this book features encyclopedic text explaining ideas and terms related to time and a full-color thematic plate section. With over 85 color plates of works in many mediums, this volume is a beautiful and challenging accompaniment to the exhibition.

A full-color thematic plate section includes images of multi-media work by artists as diverse as Francis Alÿs, Mathew Barney, Vija Clemins, Douglas Gordon, Roni Horn, Guillermo Kuitca, Glenn Ligon, Gabriel Orozco, Paul Pfeiffer, Kim Sooja, Fatimah Tuggar, Andriana Varejao, Erwin Wurm, and Andrea Zittel.

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ISBN:  0870706861
Published in:  2002
Pages:  80
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