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Drawing from the Modern, 1945-1975 (HC)

Drawing from the Modern, 1945-1975 (HC)


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Product Description

Drawing from the Modern, 1945-1975 (HC)

By Gary Garrels

Visual art in the period following World War II witnessed enormous transformations. Drawing provides a powerful and vigorous device for reexamining the spirit and achievements of the postwar era – for renewing appreciation of the extraordinary achievements of well-known artists and for discovering others. Despite the radical departures and shifts in the art of these years, drawing, among the most traditional of mediums, played a crucial role in the work of many of the most significant artists, including Jackson Pollock, Jasper Johns, Claes Oldenburg, Joseph Beuys, and many others. Drawing from the Modern, 1945 - 1975, the second of three chronological volumes, surveys the drawing of the period through the unparalleled holdings of the drawings collection of The Museum of Modern Art. Includes 166 color illustrations.

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Type MoMA Publications
Size 8.25 x 10.25"
Published 2005
ISBN 0870706640
Pages 224