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Experimenting with Collage

Experimenting with Collage

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Engage in studio demonstrations of collage process while studying diverse works in MoMA's collection.


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Course Description

Experimenting with Collage

Collage grabs your attention quickly, but it takes time to really see it. It is the original "recycling" approach to materials in art making—it takes the old and makes it new. Through fragmenting, combining, and recontextualizing, objects and images are transformed. This eight-week course combines studio demonstrations of collage techniques with close study of significant works in MoMA's collection. Detailed demonstrations will show you how to make your own collages, inspired by the ways in which these masters pushed the boundaries of representation and materials. Watch exclusive videos—shot in MoMA's galleries—about works by some of the masters of collage, including Pablo Picasso, Joseph Cornell, Hannah Höch, Robert Rauschenberg, Mark Bradford, and others. These videos, together with readings and slideshows, make for a dynamic and challenging studio course for newcomers and experts alike. Students will need to purchase materials and supplies for this course (costs range from $20 to $200, depending on your preferences). View the supply list.

This course curriculum is divided into eight parts. Learn at your own pace over a eight week period!

  • Part 1: Fragmenting the Picture Plane

  • Part 2: Appropriation and Recontextualization

  • Part 3: Drawing with Scissors

  • Part 4: Cultural Icons and Symbols

  • Part 5: The Figure

  • Part 6: Assemblage

  • Part 7: Altered Book Project

  • Part 8: Off the Wall

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