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Modern and Contemporary Art: 1945-1989

Modern and Contemporary Art: 1945-1989

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Examine major artists, artworks, and movements occurring after World War II.


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Course Description

Modern and Contemporary Art: 1945-1989

Let MoMA be your guide to examining major artists, artworks, and movements after World War II. Through prerecorded videos, slideshows, and lectures, you will explore the emergence of the New York School and its links to a new global economy centered in New York City, Dada's revival, Pop art's flowering in mass consumer society, and Minimalism's formal refinement and emphasis on spatial context. The course will then consider Conceptual art's fundamental questioning of art, the development of multimedia artistic practices and performance art, and the influence of identity politics on art. Each week of the course includes exclusive videos—shot in MoMA's galleries—of works by Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Donald Judd, Eva Hesse, George Maciunas, Louise Lawler, Nan Goldin, and many more. Lectures, slideshows, and written and multimedia content enrich and contextualize videos from the galleries.

This course curriculum is divided into ten parts. Learn at your own pace over a ten week period!

  • Part 1: Pollock and the New York School

  • Part 2: Alberto Giacometti and Postwar Europe

  • Part 3: Andy Warhol and Neo-Dada and Pop

  • Part 4: Eva Hesse and Minimalism and Post-Minimalism

  • Part 5: Sol LeWitt and Conceptual Art

  • Part 6: George Maciunas and Performance Art

  • Part 7: Louise Lawler and Feminism

  • Part 8: Bruce Nauman and Identity Politics

  • Part 9: Georg Baselitz and Neo-expressionism

  • Part 10: Nan Goldin and Photography

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