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Big Bloom Vase

Big Bloom Vase

Charlie Guda, 2009

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Product Description

Big Bloom Vase

This minimalist vase uses a powerful Fresnel lens to magnify a single bloom in exquisite detail. The vase was created as an homage to French physician Augustin-Jean Fresnel, who invented his eponymous lens in the 18th century to help ships navigate safely to shore by intensifying the brightness of lighthouse lanterns. Today, Fresnel’s lightweight lenses are all around us, in traffic lights, televisions, magnifying lenses, and overhead projectors. Guda’s minimalist vase employs the ubiquitous lens in an unexpected context, augmenting the organic beauty of the natural world. Magnifier, connecting rod, and test tube arrive flat-packed.

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Product Specs

Type Home Decor
Size 13.5h x 5.5w x 3.5"d
Materials PMMA, Acrylic
Featured Press Favorites , Great Design Under $50
Designer Charlie Guda
Date 2009
Gifts Under $50