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The Design Encyclopedia (HC)

The Design Encyclopedia (HC)

Antonelli, Paola, 2004

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Product Description

The Design Encyclopedia (HC)

The Design Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive design reference guide to date. It is about design, of course, but these days "design" seems to encompass almost everything, from magazine layouts and sweatshirts to animatronic flower gardens and heart pumps, not to mention the more abstract "information design." Here, however, design is considered only in its concrete application to functional objects, thus crossing with craft, decorative arts, and industrial design, but distinguishing itself from fine art and theory. The result covers the last 130 years in the history of the design of furniture, lighting, fabrics, ceramics, glassware, metal ware, objects in a range of other materials, and mechanical, electrical, and electronic appliances, as well as automobiles and some inventions.

Compiled over the last 15 years by Mel Byars, in consultation with an international team of design experts, The Encyclopedia sets out to provide the factual framework of a discipline whose own historical accounting of itself is still relatively young. (By way of contrast, art history has existed as a scholarly discipline for over two centuries, and has produced a fairly comprehensive record of itself in that time period.) There are separate entries for designers and craftspeople, design studios, consortiums and partnerships, noteworthy manufacturers, significant historical periods and styles, and materials. Entries are self-contained and organized alphabetically, and include cross-references. Information is an amalgamation of data gathered from a vast number of primary and secondary sources. In addition to the MoMA collection, illustrations, are also drawn from Galerie Doria in Paris and Quittenbaum Kunstauktionen in Munich and Hamburg. With over 700 full-color illustrations, most of which are drawn from the MoMA collection, this publication is an invaluable, definitive compendium of the world of design over the last century and a half.

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Type Architecture + Design
Size 10.25h x 7.5"w
Featured Gifts by MoMA
Published 2004
ISBN 087070012X
Pages 832