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Eni Puzzle

Eni Puzzle

Jong Man Kim, Jee Soo Kim, and Tom Sebazco, 2009

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Product Description

Eni Puzzle

The Eni Puzzle is designed to enhance problem solving and space perception skills through interactive play. Colorful tiles slide vertically and circularly around a cylindrical base that leaves one space open for strategic movement. With its bright colors, the Eni Puzzle celebrates the color spectrum, an area of study for many artists and designers featured in the collection. Games, art sets, and art equipment for children were the subject of the Museum's past exhibition Designed for Children. Solve the puzzle by manipulating tiles to match color patterns (either those suggested by the game or ones that you create). For ages 7 and up.

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Product Specs

Type Games + Puzzles
Made In the Republic of Korea
Size 2.5h x 1.5"d
Materials ABS Plastic
Designer Jong Man Kim, Jee Soo Kim, and Tom Sebazco
Date 2009