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Five Puzzles of Contemporary Art
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Five Puzzles of Contemporary Art

In the 1960s, artists began making radical gestures that questioned practically every aspect of what was considered art, from the physical and temporal context in which it is seen, to how it is displayed and who gets to access or own it. In this five-week course, students learn about key issues in art over the past 50 years through five puzzles of contemporary art: Beauty, Value, Original, Concept, and Process. Students enjoy exclusive videos of interviews with MoMA curators, conservators, and collection specialists, and explore compelling works in MoMA’s collection by artists such as Cindy Sherman, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Jeff Koons, Sol LeWitt, Allan McCollum, and Richard Serra.

This course curriculum is divided into eight parts. Learn at your own pace over a six week period!

  • Part 1: The Puzzle of Beauty

  • Part 2: The Puzzle of Value

  • Part 3: The Puzzle of the Original

  • Part 4: The Puzzle of the Concept

  • Part 5: The Puzzle of Experience

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