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Glass Pot

Glass Pot

Massimo Castagna, 2014

This product is represented in MoMA's Design collection.

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1h x 11.41"d



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Product Description

Glass Pot

A transparent body of dense, borosilicate glass demystifies the culinary magic happening inside the pot, turning dinner prep into a spectacle worth savoring. When tempered, glass becomes flame-proof and is able to withstand high temperatures. Boiling water brings ingredients to life: as pasta transforms from raw to al dente, it begins to twirl and dance, and vegetables bob and brighten as they blanche. Each pot is handmade in Italy and only 10 are made each day, making your pot a truly one-of-a-kind design. Besides being elegant and durable, glass is also non-porous and will not impart the food prepared with the flavors of past meals. The silicone and stainless steel lid is sold separately. Dishwasher-safe. 8 quart capacity.

Special care for glass cookware: Do not preheat burner. Initially, heat on low and use up to medium-high heat. The Glass Pot retains heat at higher volume so a lower setting is needed for cooking. Do not add cold liquid to a hot glass pot. Allow the pot to come to room temperature before washing to avoid rapid temperature change. For gas stoves, use a wire mesh flame spreader to aid in even heat distribution (not included).

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Product Specs

Type Modern Wedding Gifts
Made In Italy
Size 1h x 11.41"d
Materials Borosilicate Glass, Silicone, Stainless Steel
Featured Press Favorites , Best Sellers , Colorful Kitchen
Designer Massimo Castagna
Date 2014
Gifts Modern Wedding Gifts , For Her , Best Selling Gifts