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Perpetual Wall Calendar

Perpetual Wall Calendar

Dan Reisinger, 1987

This product is represented in MoMA's Design collection.

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Product Description

Perpetual Wall Calendar

A calendar that never goes out of date. Dan Reisinger’s dynamic and boldly interactive calendar encourages the user to create beautiful combinations of color and composition every day for more than 40,000 days. A sturdy metal frame holds six reversible bi-color cut-out sheets and cards which display the day of the week, month, and date.

Dan Reisinger is a Tel Aviv-based artist whose multi-faceted work is defined by his compelling use of saturated color in highly geometric, minimalist contexts. His work has been featured in exhibitions all over the world, and his posters are included in major international collections.

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Product Specs

Type Calendars
Size 17l x 14.5"w
Materials Plastic, PVC
Designer Dan Reisinger
Date 1987