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Powerslayer Phone Charger Kit

Powerslayer Phone Charger Kit

Justin Champaign and Velvetwire, 2013

This product is represented in MoMA's Design collection.

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3h x 2w x 1"d



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Product Description

Powerslayer Phone Charger Kit

Even after they have fully charged, electronic devices continue to draw power; in fact, mobile phones and tablets can draw at least half as much power after they're fully charged as they do while charging. In addition to jacking up electricity bills, the extra draw can actually decrease your phone battery's ability to hold power and can ultimately decrease the life of your device. Designed to reduce energy waste and increase the longevity of devices, Powerslayer automatically stops charging once it detects that your device is completely powered up. Responsible, convenient, elegant, and smart, Powerslayer contains embedded software that senses when your device is charged or drained and delivers 5 volts of clean, regulated energy, consuming one-tenth the standby power of standard chargers. Unique to the design is a built-in surge protector, which prevents irreparable damage to valuable devices. The travel case is made of 100% natural wool felt and vegetable-tanned leather. Compatible with iPhone5 and Android. Made in California, USA.

The Powerslayer Phone Charger Kit is featured in the Kickstarter@MoMA Design Store presentation, and was brought to life by 597 backers on Kickstarter.

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Product Specs

Type Tech Accessories
Made In the USA
Size 3h x 2w x 1"d
Materials Natural Wool Felt, Vegetable-Tanned Leather
Featured Kickstarter at MoMA
Designer Justin Champaign and Velvetwire
Date 2013