MOSS Robot Construction Kit

MOSS Robot Construction Kit

Modular Robotics, 2014

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Product Description

MOSS Robot Construction Kit

Bring your very own robots to life with MOSS, a fun, all-ages robot construction system that requires no coding or wires, just your creativity. Power and data are sent through an elegant single button contact, while the ground passes through the steel spheres that connect using the powerful rare earth magnets embedded into the ABS plastic shells. With just one sphere, you make a ball joint; with two spheres, you make a hinge; and with three or four, you create a rigid structure. The function of your design is determined by a simple color-coded system. The green face conducts power; red and brown faces conduct data, red is output, brown is input; the blue pass-through face can pass any signal, either power or data. MOSS creations are powered with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, rechargeable via micro-USB cable (included). Ages 8 years and up. Made in Colorado, USA.

Zombonitorn 1600 Basic Kit: Includes 16 modules blocks, 56 carbon steel spheres, light sensor, distance sensor, two motors, and a variety of connection pieces and support braces.

Exofabulatronixx 5200 Advanced Kit: Includes 52 modules blocks, 140 carbon steel spheres, two motors, two pivots, two flashlights, two light sensors, two distance sensors, microphone sensor, and a variety of connection pieces and support braces. Also includes the Double Brain Block, which lets you connect your smartphone using Bluetooth so you can play with your robots using a suite of free apps. iOS and Android compatible.

MOSS Robot Construction Kits are featured in the Kickstarter@MoMA Design Store presentation, and were brought to life by 1,578 backers on Kickstarter.

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Product Specs

Type Building + Blocks
Made In the USA
Materials Plastic, Metal, Magnets, Steel Spheres, Circuits, Code
Featured Kickstarter at MoMA
Designer Modular Robotics
Date 2014