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Richard Benson: North South East West

Richard Benson: North South East West

by Richard Benson and Peter Galassi, 2011

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Richard Benson: North South East West

By Richard Benson and Peter Galassi

Richard Benson, former dean of the Yale School of Art and a MacArthur Foundation Fellow, has been a photographer for more than four decades but until now, his art often took a back seat to his prodigious achievements as a renowned printer and teacher. Richard Benson: North South East West is the artist’s first monograph, a collection of 104 color photographs taken over the past six years on road trips throughout the United States, Bermuda, and eastern Canada.

Vivid and full of good humor, Benson's photographs evoke never-ending cycles of creation and destruction while highlighting the unique properties of his prints and exemplifying his innovative techniques for reproducing them for publication. Benson’s technical wizardry has yielded unusually vibrant and beguiling color prints that are at once ultra-vivid and utterly natural, like our everyday visual experience. As Peter Galassi, the former Chief Curator of Photography at MoMA, notes in his introduction to the book, Benson’s pictures “look the way the world feels.” An essay by artist explains how the prints were made.

Hardcover. 128 pages. 109 illustrations.

Peter Galassi is the former Chief Curator of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art.

Richard Benson led a radical transformation of offset lithography through his work on such noted publications as The Work of Atget, The Face of Lincoln, Photographs from the Collection of the Gilman Paper Company, and more than a dozen books by Lee Friedlander. He is also the author of The Printed Picture, published by MoMA in 2008.

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Size 11.5w x 7.75h x 5"d
Published 2011
ISBN 9780870708169
Pages 128