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Wyeth: Christina's World

Wyeth: Christina's World

By Laura Hoptman, 2012

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Product Description

Wyeth: Christina's World

By Laura Hoptman

In 1948 Andrew Wyeth produced what would become one of the most iconic paintings in American art: a desolate Maine landscape depicting a single figure that he called Christina’s World. This painting became one of the most simultaneously well-loved and scorned works of the century, igniting heated arguments about parochialism, sentimentality, kitsch, and art-world elitism that have continued to absorb the art world, even after the artist's death in 2009.

In this volume of the One on One series, an essay by curator Laura Hoptman revisits the genesis of the painting, Wyeth's curious focus, over the course of his career, on a very few subjects, and the mystery that continues to surround it.

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Type Art History + Criticism
Size 9h x 7.75w x .25"d
Published 2012
ISBN 9780870708312
Pages 48