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Flexus Menorah

Flexus Menorah

Herbert & Jeanne Atkin, 1995

This product is represented in MoMA's Design collection.

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Product Description

Flexus Menorah

Designed by this father and daughter team, the glass Flexus Menorah brings a contemporary dimension to traditional Judaica and allows for great versatility. Not only does this piece function as a menorah during Hanukkah, but its individual elements move independently to serve as candleholders throughout the year. The Flexus Menorah exhibits simplicity of concept and multi-functional applications, design principles celebrated in the Museum’s collection. Clean, architectural lines accentuate the beauty of the fine glass components.

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Product Specs

Type Candlelight
Size Center piece: 3h x 1w x 1"d; Small pieces: 1.5h x 1w x 1"d
Materials Glass
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Designer Herbert & Jeanne Atkin
Date 1995